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Amos Amos Amos — Clément Aadli 

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Raoul works as a  journalist in a popular Rap magazine.  Living in a time of disenchantment, he is disillusioned by the dreariness of his job. Emotionally,  he is disoriented by a recent break-up and wounded by the indifference with which his creative work is received.

When he is sent to investigate the strange disappearance of a young rapper named Amos, Raoul is sceptical, uncertain about the article he has to write. However, the problems he causes at work are getting serious, and this project might be a good opportunity to keep his job.

As he begins writing, he is drawn into a heady quest of freestyle rap-battles, spiritual realizations,  evenings of pisco and indulgent breakfasts fit for champions, leading him across several continents, into many bars and through many curious doors. Raoul will decipher enigmatic words and unravel contradictory narratives. And with each passing day, his fascination for Amos, phantasmic figure who seems to have lived a thousand lives, grows.

Who is Amos? A brilliant rapper who disappeared just as he was about to revolutionize the art of Battlerap? A talented shapeshifter? A dead man? An obscure street artist that leaves traces of his journey through the drawings he leaves behind? The master of a treasure hunt designed for an unknowing stranger? A man who simply refused to settle for one life?

Amos Amos Amos tells the story of a search for a man who might never be found; a musical, ethereal, grimy, multifaceted being who justifies the realization of many wondrous dreams, serendipitous happenings and strange encounters.

ISBN 978-2-490633-00-5