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Exotica — Jimmy Granger

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Exotica is the first part of a wider body of work that engages with contemporary exoticism.
For the past 5 years I have been navigating physically and mentally within two spaces, India and France, and this back and forth between cultures has engendered a confused mindscape, a place where boundaries fell, exoticism steamed out.

This photo series is a dialogue with young people, willing or unwilling actors of a new cultural deal. I here set my eye on identities stretched out between global fashion and local specificities.
Whether from Paris or Bombay, my subjects are not locked up in their culture; instead, they understand it as a platform, or rather a momentum, that is able to collide, morph and take them to unknown places.
The series is shot entirely on film and is composed of sixty to seventy portraits shot both in Mumbai and Paris between May and November 2016.