Feral Cities

Maela Ohana & Zuri Camille de Souza


Feral Cities is a collaborative publication that brings together the works and thoughts of two image-makers, connected by a shared interest in intersectional urban ecology. Weaving together film photography, scanned images of collected flora, typographic design and written observations, the book explores the many ways of perceiving and understanding botanical networks within our cities.

From critiques on power structures and forms of ‘other-ing’ inherent to urban design; philosophical pondering on biophilia and rhizomatic assemblages; from travelling ecologies and sociobotanical structures, to practical suggestions for thoughtful engagement with urban flora, Feral Cities navigates a range of historical and subjective perspectives on the human-plant relationship.

Rather than arriving at a concrete conclusion it offers an elusive collage of ideas, inspiring the reader to transpose each concept into the context of their own lived—and living—environments.