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On The Edge — Dimitra Charamandas

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“The garden is a small green semaphore. The center, it is a meeting point, an hour’s walk away from Moria. Here is the school, here there are courses. Here, music is played from all corners of the earth. Here, muscles and friendships grow, and in the middle of it all: this garden. News from Moria reaches us late at night, there have been fights. Even here, the reality of the teeming, overflowing camps is far away. A fight which began with a disagreement between two women waiting in the queue for food. First the husbands fought, then the anger gained momentum like a forest fire.

The garden lies on an island
between the city and the camps
it is an island in itself

It thrives there, where it is taken care of
a fleeting thing,
you might say, carelessly

The island, it draws
the boundaries of one‘s own freedom of movement,
leaving no doubts.”

English / German / Greek
ISBN 978-2-490633-01-2